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  1. Charles Wayne Easley

    Very nice info on pen turning, Thanks!

  2. Lourens Pretorius

    At the ripe old age of 64 years I’ve only just started pen turning and thoroughly enjoying it. As I’ve managed to bust and crack a number of pen blanks during the turning process, I’m very interested in your tips in this regard. Thanks. Lourens

    • Ian

      I think you’ll find the guide to be very helpful, Lourens! If you have any questions after looking it over and practicing a few of the techniques outlined in the book, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  3. Harold Coones

    Hello I’m Harold .
    Who would’ve thought pen turning was a thing ?
    About three weeks ago. I saw Rockar had classes in woodworking, a Long in these classes was pen turning.
    I had wanted to get a metal lathe for quite some time but find it quite terminating, so thinking a Woodlathe would be a good way to start, I started a new adventure in pen truning. Wow this is fun! So now I’m hooked.
    A few thousand dollars later, A dozen pens under my belt, people are asking to buy my pens from me.
    I did not do this to sell pins. And I can’t keep hundreds of pen, so I’ve been having fun giving them away.
    After reading all the hard work you did on your articles I just wanted to say thank you.

  4. Victoria Lewis

    I just purchased a Wen 3420 8 x 12 benchtop lathe to learn to start turning pens and vapor atomizer tanks to sell for a charity I founded to help people stop smoking and the majority are resin blanks. My lathe is variable speed 750 to 3200 and I have purchased a mandrel which wont help me for my drip tips because of the size of the hole but I have purchased every accessory in the book including the barracuda chuck system and a complete pack of tailstocks as well as the MT1 pen mandrel made by Wen. I must be doing something wrong because with the slightest touch of a tool to the resin blank it stops turning. I am frustrated and am at a loss. Please is there anything you can think of that I am doing wrong? Please email me with RESIN BLANK TURNING HELP in the subject if you can Im desperate i have orders pilling up and I had to stop taking them which means no money is being made for my charity treasury.

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