How to Sharpen Lathe Tools

Nov 16, 2013 by

Knowing how to sharpen lathe tools is probably the single most important thing any pen turning or woodturning hobbyist should obsess over. Scarily sharp tools will result in less broken pens, fewer cracks, and overall pen perfection. Regardless of whether you’re pen turning or turning anything else, the process for sharpening woodturning tools remains the same. This is everything you’ll need: -Your lathe tools -Safety glasses -A sharpening jig (explained below) -Some thick gloves -A bench grinder   The Sharpening Jig It doesn’t need to be fancy or pretty, it just needs to be functional. This is extraordinarily important for sharpening your tools properly – DO NOT SKIMP HERE. I didn’t use one for years and always had very, very disappointing results. The day I started using one is the day disappointing results went away....

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